Multiplier Events

30/10/2023 Athens (Greece)

The event was organized by project partner Militos Consulting SA and hosted by the Moraitis School in Athens Greece. 37 schoolteachers, administrative school staff, principals, and parents attended the event. A walk-through of the project activities and results has been presented, demonstrating the research findings and methodological framework of the FullSteamAhead project. The FullSteamAhead platform and the FullSteamAhead Handbook have been shown, demonstrating how to use the platform and exploit the Handbook as a companion for teachers. Indicative in-class activities have been fully demonstrated directly using the project online platform. An open discussion was carried out at the end of the event. Main points:

Most of the teachers who participated expressed their interest in using several of the approaches in STEAM subjects, especially those where gender-specific in-class activities are included.

Several teachers stressed the need for further approaches considering gender vis-à-vis emerging trends in technology, and in particular AI.

The parents’ platform was considered highly useful and complementary to the teachers’ platform. Teachers stressed that the school community and administration should work in collaboration with parents, rendering the parents’ platform as “educational” tool for parents. Focus groups with parents on the face of that were considered highly effective towards common goals “at school” and “at home” (socialization process)

24/10/2023 Bologna (Italy)

The Full-Steam-Ahead multiplier event organized in Italy involved the partner STePS together with the associated school IC2 San Lazzaro di Savena and the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Bologna.

The FullSTEaMAhead Project was introduced, and the experience of the teachers involved was presented, focusing on gender differences in STEM teaching. Finally, the Municipality of Bologna and the Sala Borsa Library’s activities to promote girls’ scientific education were highlighted.

The final discussion was centered on the way the FullSteam Ahead project can help teachers motivate girls towards science through a STEaM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) approach, i.e. combining science with humanities subjects, within practical and innovative educational models. There was no shortage of enjoyment at the event, as everything was rounded off with a social reception after the Multiplier event was finished.

19/10/2023 Dakovo (Croatia)

The event, held at the school Braća Radić, drew attendance from teachers of other schools, parents, students, and decision-makers. Throughout the event, teachers actively involved in the project presented all its outcomes: Anamarija, Spomenka, Domagoj, Tomislav, Ana i Mirela. A notable highlight was the direct involvement of students, who presented the educational materials as they had actively participated in the project activities. The event featured two external STEM experts as guest speakers. University professor Marija Heffer at the Faculty of Medicine in Osijek and also the founder of the Student Section for Neuroscience (SenzOs) emphasized the significance of women in STEM education and later on in the scientific profession, while professor Tomislav Jakopec at the University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek highlighting the various STEM career opportunities available after high school.

18/10/2023 Mijas, Malaga (Spain)

The multiplier event in Spain was implemented at Calle Arbolete 9, 29649 Mijas, Málaga. At the event were teachers, members of parents’ associations, the city hall, and the press. All of them participated in the event. The event had 38 participants: 33 teachers, 1 representative from the parents’ association (president of AMPA “El Torreon”), 2 policymakers from the local city hall (Mijas) and 2 representatives from the local press (Mijas Comunicación). Agenda of ME: Welcome to all the participants – Ana Cortés, Chief of studies at IES La Cala; Presentation of the FULL STEAM AHEAD PROJECT – Alberto Bermúdez IT teacher at IES La Cala; Presentation of the FULL STEAM AHEAD PLATFORM and LEARNING MATERIALS – M. Begoña Arenas – ITC; Open dialogue and questions led by M. Begoña Arenas – ITC; Further cooperation opportunities and closure by Ana Cortés, Chief of studies at IES La Cala.

Split - 18.10.2023, Zadar - 19.10.2023, Omiš - 25.10.2023 (Croatia)

The Association Petit Philosophy seized the opportunity and showcased the project in three distinct cities, spanning a high school in Zadar, University in Split, and an elementary school in Omiš to reach the intended audience. During these events, the project’s outcomes and objectives were introduced.

Participants also had the chance to engage in an activity from the educational materials designed to foster critical and creative thinking. Questions and discussions were actively encouraged, and participants conveyed their contentment with the materials, emphasizing the significance of the project’s covered topics and the simplicity of implementing the activities. The excursions proved to be worthwhile, as the project garnered an engaged audience that is likely to leverage its benefits in the future, be it in a school setting or within a family environment.