July 2022

The first phase of the project has come to an end. You can download and read our full report on both the findings in the research countries, as well as how these findings helped us to structure the curriculum of the FullSteamAhead training provision. All in all, we involved in online questionnaires and face-to-face interviews 144 teachers, 53 secondary school students, 15 family members responding, 2 members responding on behalf of the Association of parents at IES la Cala (secondary school in Spain). We analyzed these results and in addition we consulted 11 selected examples of good practices in STEAM education

The Report is in English. Click below to download and read.

May 2022

Hosted by project partner STEPS, the 2nd project meeting took place on the 24th of May in Bologna, Italy. We had the opportunity to have a look at the research findings and start to draw some initial conclusions that will give flesh and bones to our training approach.

February 2022

In order to design the FullSteamAhead training material we launched several research activities in Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Spain. We ask teachers, students, family members, each of them holding a specific role in how STEM subjects are taught, perceived, and approached at school, to share their opinion with us, and help us in our goal to make STEM subjects and eventually future professional careers for both male and female students attractive! We will publish the findings soon, as well as how those findings will lead us to develop the most effective methodology for the planned training material for teachers in secondary schools.